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15 octobre 2015
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9 novembre 2015
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Bungalow Martinique

Enjoy accommodation in a new bungalow Martinique during your stay in the South. Located in Ste Luce, 2 min walk from the sea, you will have a comfortable accommodation for three people.
corps de garde
Location of the bungalow, at Corps de Garde, quiet area of ​​Ste Luce

Bungalow entrance, with access to the indoor terrace/kitchen. You will have a washing machine, microwave oven / grill, fridge / freezer
DSCF4933King size bed quality, in an air conditioned room, also equipped with a fan
Bathroom with double sinks, toilet, shower.


Sea view from the terrace of the bungalow.


Convenient, 1 min walk to Carrefour Express (supermarket).


A succession of idyllic beaches right next to the bungalow.

Informations prices, booking: Carole  0696 71 52 53 ou brunocanyon@hotmail.fr

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